Adult Faith Formation 

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Start Where You Are – Christian Meditation Workshop 

Pastors Tim and Carrie will be facilitating a summer class series on Christian Meditation. We will learn from and with each other practicing different types of meditation and sharing our experiences. “One Breath at a Time, A skeptic’s guide to Christian Meditation,” by J. Dana Trent will guide our journey. While we would encourage you to attend all of the classes, they are designed to work independently. Feel free to attend as many or few as your schedule allows. You will need a copy of the book as well as a blank journal. Please sign up here or in the office. We very much look forward to the adventure and fun of new paths and hope you can join us! 
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Week 1 – July 6 – Introduction and Breath meditation 
Week 2 – July 13 – Centering Prayer 
Week 3 – July 20 – Lectio Divina 
Week 4 – July 27 – Lovingkindness Meditation 
Week 5 – August 3 – Devotional Meditation 
Week 6 – August 10 – Taize and Wrap up 

The mission of the Adult Faith Formation is to foster lifelong learning about God, self, and all of creation, empowering Christians to effectively proclaim and serve Christ… locally and throughout the world.  It is the vision of AFA to:

  • Present information that will touch the head, heart, and actions of a diverse community of adult learners, in ways relevant to life today.

  • Inform, form and transform adults as they grow in their relationship with God and each other, living as examples of Jesus Christ.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Bible as we explore intellectually and spiritually challenging faith issues.