2019-2020 Retreats

Who are We?

Friday, Sept. 27, 5:00pm - Saturday, Sept. 28, 9:00am
St. Luke's Lutheran

This is a chance for 6th grade students to get to know each other as we spend our time together playing games, going bowling, and eating pizza! We'll have a late-night worship in the sanctuary exploring our theme of "Who Are We?". We'll end with breakfast together. It will be a blast!

Who Am I?

Friday, Jan. 24 5:00pm - Saturday, Jan. 25, 4:00pm
St. Luke's Lutheran Church

We know that we are all a part of something: a team, a family, an ensemble, a church, etc.  But, who am I?  Who did God create me to be?  What gifts do I have to offer the world?  How do I use my talents and abilities to serve God and serve the world?  These are the questions we'll look at on our retreat. 

WHo Is Jesus?

Friday, Feb. 28, 5:00pm - Saturday, Feb. 29, 4:00pm
Lutherdale Bible Camp

Savior, Redeemer, Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, Messiah, the Christ, The Lord, God.  These are just a few of the names/phrases people use when they talk about Jesus.  What do all these things mean?  Why are they important?  We'll spend our time trying to answer these and other questions as we explore the larger question, "Who is Jesus?"

SO, What's

The Point?

Friday, April 24, Noon - Saturday, April 25, 3:00pm
Expeditions Unlimited

This retreat is REQUIRED for all 9th grade students. At our final confirmation retreat we try and put everything together as we explore the question, "So what's the point?"  We'll talk about the promises you are making before God and the congregation, how St. Luke's is prepared to help you live out those confirmation promises, and what it means to "live among God's faith people" as an adult in the church.  We will also do the ropes course as part of this retreat!