Summer Experiences

Confirmation at St. Luke's isn't just about sitting in a class and learning more about your faith.  We fully believe that building relationships with other students through fun and fellowship is a critical component of a student's confirmation experience.  For

this reason, we offer multiple summer experience options for all of the students at St. Luke's.


We also understand that these experiences can be expensive for some families.  For this reason, we do have financial assistance available for families that would otherwise not be able to send their student on one of our trips.  If you feel that financial assistance is needed to cover all or part of the trip cost, please contact one of the Pastors, or Jay Kiel, Director of Youth Ministries for more information or to discuss your options for scholarship.

6th and 7th Grade: Confirmation Camp

When: June 17-22, 2018  Cost: $450


Confirmation camp is full of great fun! We will have the opportunity to explore God's Creation in many ways. We hope that through this, you will have the opportunity to grow in faith, grow in relationship with one another, and much more! Please stayed tuned for more information.

8th Grade: Roller Coasters and Jesus

Where: Sandusky, OH - Columbus, OH - Cincinnati, OH

When: July 8-13, 2018

Cost: $450


A roller coaster has ups and downs, twists and turns, loops and unexpected starts and stops.  Our lives of faith often resemble these same characteristics.  On the Roller Coasters and Jesus trip, we will head to two world-class amusement parks (Cedar Point-Sandusky, OH and Kings Island-Mason,OH) as we explore this theme of how our faith life can change as we journey through life.  We will also spend two days serving in an inner-city neighborhood in Columbus, OH.

9th Grade/all High School Students: High School Mission Trip

Where: Baltimore, MD

When: July 15-21, 2018

Cost: $600

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