Welcome! We are so glad you are here. In Matthew 19:14a, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” We want children to feel welcome and loved when they step into the doors. Children are welcome to worship with us in the way that works best for your family. We understand that every family is different, and we like to celebrate our uniqueness. You may see little children dancing in the aisle or moving around services on Sunday mornings. We have families that enjoy fellowship during one service, while their child(ren) is attending nursery and/or Sunday School and then they attend the next service together as a family. Whichever you may choose, know you are welcome.  

Family Room: Located near Sanctuary    

Our Family Room will be open for all services on Sunday Mornings. Our family room is not staffed, and parents must stay with their child(ren). Use the room for what works best for you and your child.  


Sitting Room: Located right outside the gender-neutral bathroom  

A sitting room is available for those that would like a quiet room for feeding or to be with their child. There are rocking chairs and changing table available in the room.  


Nursery: Ages 2-4 (located down the hallway from the sanctuary)   

At this time, we will only have one room open for Sunday services. The nursery is staffed with paid/trained youth/adults as well as volunteers. Check-ins will be required.


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Steph Kiel

Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator- skiel@stlukes-elca.org