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Commitment Sunday is upon us. This is the day we are asked to finalize our financial commitment to St. Luke's for next year. For some of us, this is just another Sunday. And for some of us this Sunday is one of the toughest of the Fall.


For me, commitment Sunday has been a day that requires a lot of preparation and prayer each year. Some years I've had very little to contribute and asked God for help accepting my budget and financial situation. Other years I've been comfortable - saving for big goals - but able to give generously. This year there are budgetary unknowns that give me pause as I transition into a new stage of life.


Whichever of these mindsets you find yourself in today I encourage you to pray over it. To set a number or question on your heart and ask our Lord for His thoughts and guidance.


The answer you will receive is up to Him. But what I do know is no matter the number on your pledge form, God loves you. And he loves St. Luke's.  And through the gifts He inspires us to make we will fund our amazing staff, beautiful building, and caring ministries for the next year and beyond.


Thank you for your gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure that you've shared with St. Luke's this year. And thank you for your prayerful consideration of how you will serve in the year to come.


Because at the end of the day, the time, talent, and yes - treasure, we all contribute are what allows us to share God's presence in Middleton and around the Globe.


8am worshiper

“When I think of church life at St. Luke’s, I think of a circle. We gather in worship in what feels like a joyful, encircling hug. I belong. You belong. It doesn’t matter who or how you are or whether you are made to feel different or “other” in any other place. That loving and welcoming circle is what brought me to St. Luke’s. 


As we gather to hear God’s word and lift our voices in prayer and song, we are restored and strengthened. Then, with energy that radiates, the St. Luke’s circle turns outward and shares with others; Loving our Neighbors. We share according to our particular gifts, those gifts that God has given us in abundance. 


Here, we give like it’s our job…because it is. We share God’s gifts and do God’s work because he asks us to. The daily examples of sharing and caring are what keep my heart committed to St. Luke’s. There is so much good going on, within and outside of these walls, every day. It’s growing… and I want to be a part of it! 


We understand that our church requires financial support. We are blessed with gifted and dedicated staff and we owe them fair compensation and employment conditions. We have a wonderful church building and we need to pay for and maintain it. 


I joyfully give to this Church that means so much to me and to this Community. When all of us do our individual part and share the gifts we’ve received from God, all becomes light work; light work that brings joy.”


10am worshiper

“Our family joined St. Luke’s about 9 years ago...


After joining St. Luke’s I heard about a new program called Feed My Lambs. This program provides much needed food over the weekend to children in the Middleton school district.  I found the concept intriguing. I was unable to volunteer for the program at the time but a seed had been planted. For several years, I felt that I was called to do something similar. So I took a leap of faith. With the guidance of those running Feed My Lambs, I have recently implemented a similar program within the Verona School District. This program would not exist in Verona without the work happening at St. Luke’s.


Several years ago I decided to  join the Thursday morning women’s bible study in an effort to meet more people and get involved. Since then, Thursday mornings have become sacred for me. The women I have met and had the  privilege of getting to know have been true sanity savers for me. Bible study has not only helped grow my faith it has given me sisters in the spirit which has been very valuable to me...


St Luke’s is one of a kind. You can truly see God’s work happening here every day.  With your help we can continue providing many opportunities for our members and the community as a whole. Please prayerfully consider your pledge for the 2020 fiscal year.”


11am worshiper

“...I know in this time of pastoral transition there are a lot of unknowns and it’s a hard time to consider your financial commitment to the church. 


During Pastor Roger Eigenfeld’s last staff council retreat, there was some concern by staff and council about what we can or should do in regards to future ministry at St. Luke’s after his retirement. Pastor Roger, in his emphatic, exuberant voice declared, “Just do the darn ministry!”


And we are. Every day, people are supported and loved because of the ministries of our church. 


To those who have pledged and shared in the past, thank you. You are the reason these stories can happen.


We continue to be a thriving congregation. The energy on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings is palpable. The activity of service and learning during the week is explosive. Members are extending their outreach not only to people in the congregation but beyond the walls of this building – near and far. The Holy Spirit is thriving here thanks to everyone sharing their time, talent and treasure.  St. Luke’s is doing as God commanded, Loving Our Neighbors. I encourage you to consider how you can be a part of it.”




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