Madison Area Lutheran Council

Madison Area Lutheran Council (MALC) is a cooperative ministry of the ELCA and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Dane County. MALC focuses on two primary missions: arranging boxcars for the Lutheran World Relief ingathering, and maintaining the presence of a chaplain at the Dane County Jail.


St. Luke's assists MALC by financially supporting them in our annual budget.

LWR Ingathering:

Every fall, Lutheran World Relief sponsors an "ingathering" of donations. MALC organizes the ingathering in the Madison area. Donations travel by train to LWR to be sent to places of greatest need. Last October, we filled two boxcars with quilts and other donations!

Dane County Jail Chaplaincy program:

MALC currently sponsors two part-time chaplains, Julia Weaver and John Mix, for a total of 34 hours/week. Given the rapidly increasing population of the Dane County Jail (average daily census is 1200), MALC hopes to increase the number of hours a chaplain may be present in the jail. The goal of MALC is to have a "ministry of presence" to inmates. Our chaplains try to feed the spiritual needs of inmates, and respond to requests from law enforcement personnel.


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