Pledging and SecureGive Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a recurring donation on SecureGive do I still need to Pledge?

Yes! Pledging is a yearly act of faith. This is also how we build our budget and make our plans for the upcoming year. SecureGive is the method you choose to fulfill your pledge. We do not receive notification if you have made changes to your SecureGive recurring. The only way to let us know your intent is to Pledge.

I filled out a pledge form, do I need to take action on SecureGive?


Update for Changes: If you have made any changes to the amount in giving for the next year you will need to log in to your SecureGive account and set up a new recurring donation. We suggest setting up a new recurring donation and not editing the old one, this way your current year pledge stays on track. We can’t make changes in amounts for you even if you are using the same account information; it requires us to input the security code which we don’t keep on file. You will also need to log and set up a new recurring donation if you need to change your account/credit card number you wish to use to fulfil next year’s pledge.

Confirm – Even if you are keeping your giving amount the same it is a good idea to log in and confirm that your recurring donation is not going to end and that the payment method you are using is still valid.

You have my account information can’t you just make changes for me?

Unfortunately No. Once we enter in an account number for someone, it blocks all but the last 4 digits from view, so we don’t know the account number in order to set up a new recurring donation. We also can’t edit any current donations; any change in amount requires the credit card security code which we do not keep on file.

Do I modify my current recurring donation or set up a new one for my pledge?

We suggest creating a NEW recurring donation so that you don’t affect the rest of the current year. It is possible to add start and end dates to your recurring donation. I recommend putting the start date sometime in January and the end date in December.

If I set up new recurring donation for next year will my current one end at the end of the year?

It depends. Logging into your SecureGive account is the best way to know how it is set up. (Look under “My Account” in the upper right corner, then choose “My Recurring Transactions”). If your current donation says “ongoing” for the end date then it will keep going. You can edit it to end 12/31.

In the past I only needed to write down my account information on my pledge form why the change?

St. Luke’s has switched to having members control their SecureGive accounts to give our members more security, control and options over the way they donate.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need help?

Don’t see your question or need help? Please call Jeanette Kihs, St. Luke’s Business Manager at (608) 831-6084 or email at We would be happy to help.