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Community Connections #1 | w/ Susan Pynn

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

My name is Susan Pynn, and my husband, Craig, and I have been members of St. Luke’s for nearly five years. We moved to Madison in the spring of 2016 to be close to our daughter and her family. We moved here from Northern California, where we had lived for some 40 years and had been members of an ELCA congregation for most of those years. We were active in the life of that congregation and intended the same for St. Luke’s when we joined in the fall of 2018. Who knew the surprise of COVID was waiting for us all in the spring of 2020; so how do people get involved in a church when all the activities have been halted??!!! Zoom became the most useful way of involvement for all of us. A women’s group I am in and a couple of lectio divina groups were via Zoom. This way of connecting served us all well during the pandemic, and one lectio divina group I am in continues on Zoom: there is a convenience to doing it this way, we are comfortable with it. The connection/s that have been made happened quickly and are rich and deep as we wrestle with the hopes and struggles of life, all with the companionship of God. God has shown up through others: my husband, Craig, was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago; I have multiple sclerosis. People in my group have encouraged us by praying, but also with the practical support of meals and rides. As well, others in these groups are involved in different activities in the congregation, so it gives me a broader understanding of how St. Luke’s supports both its members and the wider community. I would encourage any and all who want to have a closer look at their faith, who seek connection with one another and with God, to take a leap of faith by seeking out a group! Susan Pynn

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