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Daily Inspiration - August 13: Sanctuary

I have always felt I wanted to make a difference in life. I wanted to count, I wanted to be important in some way or another. Maybe you do as well. Not limelight seeking or most popular person type of making a difference, but the honest, leaving the place better than when you found it, type.

Over the years the simple song Lord Prepare Me to Be A Sanctuary has been a guide for me. I probably heard it first at a Bible Camp, I am really not sure. It is short, it is a prayer, and it gives hope. The thing about giving hope is probably what makes this a “difference making” song for me. When I have hope, I have energy and “get up and go.” When I have hope I can share it with others, be helpful where I am at.

My hope comes from feeling safe. A sanctuary is defined as a “safe place.” It can be a building, a designated area of land or forest, a city or a number of other things. It is also a gift we can give each other. Our Lord gives us sanctuary to rest ourselves in him and he gives us sanctuary to share sanctuary with each other. In this way I, we, make a difference, we count, we are important to ourselves and each other. Today, make a difference, give hope, be a sanctuary for yourself and those around you.

Pastor Jerry

Lord prepare me to be a Sanctuary

Pure and Holy, tried and true

With thanksgiving I’ll be a living

Sanctuary for You

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