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Daily Inspiration - February 2, 2021: Where do you see God?

When asked, "Where do you see God?" I normally gravitate toward the more typical - and true - answers like: incredibly vibrant sunrises or sunsets, laughter, a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, a warm hug on a bad day, a celebration of another year lived well, or perfect song lyrics when I need them most. So I surprised myself when my first thought after being invited to share on this topic was ... penguins.

Last week, I got sucked into the headline of a video titled, "Confused Penguin Joins Wrong Group ... Only To Be Rescued By A Penguin Pal". In this 26 second video clip, we see two groups of rockhopper penguins in the Falkland Islands quite literally hopping toward each other from opposite directions. Pleasantries are exchanged, and then each group continues on their way. There is a plot twist when a loan penguin from one group gets confused about who he arrived with and ends up starting to leave with the wrong group. You see a peer penguin from his original group notice his absence, find him amid the others, and the two hop away to re-join their original group. All is well.

God designed us (and penguins, apparently) to seek each other out, connect, nurture, protect, love, and GO AND GET. He will not let us walk away from our path. We will see Him in the eyes, voice, and words of the person(s) He sends to bring us back home. We just need to do what is perhaps the hardest part, and listen for Him.

Deanna Heise

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