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Daily Inspiration - March 26, 2021 | Social Healing

Acts 1:8 And you will be my witnesses, in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

We are “stand ins” for our Lord. We are Jesus’ hands and feet. We are his ambassadors. We are his messengers. We are his witnesses. We are his spokespeople.

Jesus sent his disciples into all the world just before he ascended into heaven. He made no allowance for borders—go so far and no further. He sent them to their own places and then “to the ends of the earth”. No borders as far as land was concerned and no borders as far as people were concerned. He sent them out into the whole world and to all people.

As he sent his first disciples, he sends us to all people everywhere. We will be socially healed once we can get rid of “borders.” As he built his relationship with us, he asks us—tells us—to build relationships with all. Relationship is all that there is when talking about God relating to us and we connecting with each other. No color of skin, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or creed need stop us in extending love and concern to others. There are no borders to God’s love for his creation, and as his witnesses we too adopt a “no border” style of living. “God so loved the world!! He, in every way—including socially--connects with everyone.

Prayer: Lord, today and everyday, open my caring and loving to include all who are in your care and love. Amen.

Pastor Jerry

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