St. Luke's is the Good Neighbor Church. A church that reaches out to those in our our community who are in need both spiritually and physically.   We are grounded by faith in Christ and live every day in his Grace and hope.  

When short term needs arise, our Good Neighbor Church in or Community program will always answer the call. The Good Neighbor Church program was developed to allow St. Luke’s to reach out to those in our community in times of need. We serve Dane County foster children's program with meals, clothing and and gifts.


“We are blessed to be a blessing,” there is no better way to live out this command

than by volunteering to become a part of our Good Neighbor Church in our Community program.






Luke's Closet: Supplying clothing and shoes for foster children.                                                      


Prayer: Our weekly email will allow for many of our church members to learn of prayer needs and include them in their prayers.


Meals: Providing meals for various foster events.

Gifts: Providing toys and sporting equipment.


For more information contact: Suzanne Jacobson at or