who we are

St. Luke’s is an active congregation, that connects individuals 

through youth and multi-generational programs bringing the community closer together while serving God and sharing God's Love.


St. Luke's is the Good Neighbor Church.  A church that reaches out to those in our congregation and our community who are in need both spiritually and physically.   We are grounded by faith in Christ and live every day in his Grace and hope.  


God's Purpose for St. Luke's is to

Connect, Serve, Grow in Christ's Love


Jesus is Lord

All are Saved by Grace
All are Welcome and Accepted
Worship is Vibrant and Accessible 
Share God’s Gifts Boldly 
Service is Love in Action

Listen and Learn Openly

Dream Courageously

Question Faithfully

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St. Luke's is a place of rich history and has been in existence for over 125 years!  Although a lot has changed and will continue to change at St. Luke's in the years that are ahead, we feel that it is important to remember those that came before us to build and grow our church for over a century.


Click HERE to learn more about St. Luke's history.