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Pastoral  Transition

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Interim Pastors 

We are joined by two Intentional Interim Pastors -  Naomi Garber and Julie Krahn. Pastor Naomi and Pastor Julie are both trained as Intentional Intermims. This means they are especially experienced in guiding congregations through periods of transition and call.  

Transition Committee

Starting meeting in November to gather information for the Ministry Site Profile which will be completed by the call committed. The Transition Team plans to have their work completed and a report prepared by April 2024.

Senior Pastor Call Committee

The nominating committee has prepared a list of individuals to serve on the Senior Pastor Call Committee. Committee members will be voted on at the annual meeting on February 7th.

The Transition Team:

Shawn Stauske, Kate Gravel, Paul Raisleger, Michele Stanley, Craig Pynn, Sammie Endean, Andrea Orlowski, David Miller, Stephnie Spieker, Aimee Solheim, and Elijah Lynch

If you're interested in participating in the call process, you can fill out the nomination form below. 


Has the call process started?

YES!  The Transition team is meeting regularly and working hard on preparing their report for the call committee. The Call Committee members will be voted on at the annual meeting on February 7th.

Will there be interim pastors? 

We have two Intentional Interim Pastors with training and experience in congregational transition and call. Pastor Naomi (started September 2023) and Pastor Julie (started December 2023) will be guiding the Transition and Call Committees along the journey. 


Will there be any change in worship and programming?

Online and in-person worship will continue to be the vibrant, spirit-filled worship St. Luke’s has always known. Our amazing staff will continue the worship we love, and alongside volunteers keep our programs strong.



If you have any other questions, you can contact the church council at,

or call the church office at (608) 831-6084.

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