Our Gallery is now open and available for viewing during regular business hours and Sunday mornings.   

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The mission of the St. Luke's Art for the Soul  Gallery is to inspire and nurture the human spirit, enhancing people’s faith walk one piece of art at a time.

Featured Artist:  Jonathan de Leon
On display throughout February 2022.

Jono de Leon is a local artist whose main training is in theatrical lighting design. As a young designer in college he picked up a camera in order to document his work, eventually finding another medium in digital photography. Jono has worked all over the US in the Live Event industry and recently returned to Madison to continue his career. The following project was created to document some of the amazing work and artists in the area who responded to tragedy by creating artworks that brought attention to systemic issues and memorialized those affected by them. 

Check out jonodeleonphotography.com to learn more. 

The gallery hallway is located left (south) of the Sanctuary.  Take a walk down the hall and spend time viewing the world and faith through the eyes of our local artists and allow them to inspire your journey.  

Click below if you are interested in being one of our featured artists.  
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