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Art for the Soul

The mission of the St. Luke's Art for the Soul Gallery is to inspire and nurture the human spirit, enhancing people’s faith walk one piece of art at a time.

If you would like to be considered for our gallery,

please submit samples of your artwork along with any other information you would like to share about yourself and your work.


Please submit to Kevin Roth here. 

For Upcoming Artists

We encourage artists of all ages and mediums to apply.  We have wall space and ledges to show your work.  We are a non-profit church and are not in the business of selling artwork.  We don’t allow priced pieces, however we encourage interested buyers to contact the artist directly to purchase their art.  We will provide a table to place business or advertising cards so observers can reach you.   The duration of your show will be 1-2 months, depending on number of artists awaiting to show their work.  We will provide an open house so the art lovers can meet the artist.  This will be on a Sunday morning to be determined by the artist and will run from 8:45-12:00 noon.  The artist will find a time within one week before their opening and one week after to pick up their pieces.  They will also assist in putting up the display.  


St. Lukes and the Art and Soul Gallery will assume no responsibility for damage occurred to any pieces of art while in their possession.  We take great pride and care of all artwork while in our gallery, but cannot guarantee that natural disasters, or other damage will not happen.   Therefore, we suggest any valuable artwork be insured by the artist. 


At least one week prior to the opening of a new artist we will require an artist’s statement, outlining any achievements, awards, interests, bios, etc.  We will display this at the entrance.   A photo of you or a favorite piece of work could also be displayed on the statement. 


With all pieces, we would like the artist to provide a name of the artwork, as well as a story, explanation, or other interesting things about the piece.  We place this by the art.  


Click here for the description submission form.

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