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Procedures for Making a Stock Transaction

If you are considering making a gift of stock to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, please contact Jeanette Kihs at or 608-831-6084 to inform her of pending stock transaction. You should provide your name, name of stock or mutual fund, and approximate date of transfer. Please have your stockbroker/financial institution email Sunita Jefferson from American Global Wealth at: to let them know of pending stock transfer.

  • Your stock broker or bank can make this transaction directly.

  • The DTC # for the St. Luke’s stockbroker is  0279

  • The Account number is  74844903.

  • Fed Tax ID# is 39-0928316

  • St. Luke’s stockbroker will sell stock immediately upon receipt, and St. Luke’s will email confirmation and the total of the stock proceeds to the seller.

  • St. Luke’s accountant will include this transaction on the seller’s giving statement.



Thinking of making a required minimum distribution from your IRA as a qualifying charitable donation to St. Luke’s?  This can be a great way to make donations or fulfil pledges.  Here are the steps to make this happen:

  • Contact your tax advisor/financial advisor to determine if a donation thru your IRA is right for you.

  • To initiate the donation, contact your IRA Custodian and tell them that you would like to make a qualifying donation to St. Luke’s.

  • Provide them with St. Luke’s address:  7337 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton WI  53562 and St. Luke’s Federal Tax ID # 39-0928316.

  • Your IRA Custodian will send a check directly to us made out to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, please make sure they include your name on the check stub or letter.

  • St. Luke’s will send you a confirmation letter to keep for your tax records.

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