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St. Luke's Foundation 

Leaving a Legacy for future generations


Who We Serve and Support

Your support of the Foundation provides the opportunity to extend the ministries and missions of St. Luke's through designated and undesignated gifts.

Designated gifts to the Foundation are encouraged. The donor specifies a particular ministry area from the list below where they direct their gifts. In some cases, the donor may prefer to designate their gift to the Foundation as an endowment, in which the principal would be maintained and only earnings could be directed to one or more ministry areas. See the "Ways to Give to the Foundation" and "Foundation Funds" tabs for more information on Foundation funds and endowments.

  • Scholarships - Each year, the St. Luke's Foundation, along with the Scholarship Committee, awards several college, trade school, or seminary scholarships to St. Luke's students.

  • Music - The Foundation allows St. Luke's to provide musical instruments and other support to the Music Ministry. In recent years, this has included a new stage platform and video equipment to enhance online worship services.

  • Ministries and Missions - The Foundation enhances ministries with special speakers, training and evolving areas of ministry, benefiting St. Luke's members as well as local, regional, national, and worldwide missions.

  • Building and Property Repairs - The Foundation provides funding to deal with unexpected and unfunded building and property repairs.



Gifts given to the Foundation may also be undesignated and are used in various ministry areas that are not generally covered in the St. Luke's annual budget.


"I had my will re-done and included St. Luke’s Foundation in it. I wanted to make this gift possible for all that St. Luke’s has done for me. If you haven’t prepared a will or are planning on making changes to your existing will, I would encourage you to think of doing this."

- St. Luke's Member

“I am thankful and delighted to be receiving the generous support from the St. Luke’s community. It means a lot to me to receive the St. Luke’s (125th) Anniversary Scholarship from a church community that I have been a part of for so long.  I am excited to have earned a scholarship that will support me on my educational journey to become a teacher.”  

- Nicholas Tormey

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Marys pics row of kids in sanctuary.JPG

Gifts to the St. Luke's Foundation should be specifically identified as going to the Foundation. Please select the Make a Gift tab for details if you would like to make a donation and/or designate a particular Fund for your donation or bequest.

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