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St. Luke's Scholarship Program

Applications for 2023 Scholarships are now closed. The 2024 Scholarship process will begin in the spring of 2024. 

Through the St. Luke’s Foundation, we are fortunate to be able to offer scholarships to St. Luke’s students and members through the generosity of numerous benefactors. The application form for those scholarships will be available in the church office or in the link below. 

Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors including academic merit, volunteer service to St Luke’s and the community, and financial need. Candidates include students planning to attend or are attending four-year colleges, universities, technical or trade schools, or the seminary.

2023 St. Luke's Foundation Scholarships


2023 Recipients: James Baker, Sydney Compton, Kendall Roquet

This $1,000 scholarship may be awarded to an entering or continuing college student. Preference is given to a student intent upon a career in music performance, music education, or a postgraduate student intent on entering the ELCA ministry, but is not limited to those fields.

The Ollie Groth Scholarship Fund was established as part of a larger gift provided to the Foundation in 2008.  Olive “Ollie” Groth came to St. Luke’s in 1938 with her husband, church member, Wilson Groth.  She served as the church organist from 1941 until her retirement in 1996.  It is believed that she only missed two Sundays during her first 50 years as church organist!  This Scholarship Fund is an endowment providing multiple $1,000 scholarships per year to St. Luke’s students either entering college or continuing in college or a trade school with an emphasis on music and ELCA ministry (not required).


2023 Recipients: Anika Clark, Benjamin Heise, Blaise Lin, Devon Noak, Alison O'Donnell, Erik Pongratz

This $1,000 scholarship is offered annually to entering and continuing college or trade school students.  The scholarship can be applied to tuition at any accredited university, college or technical school.

This Fund was established in 1991 before the establishment of the St. Luke’s Foundation.  This very generous Fund has provided a minimum of three scholarships per year to St. Luke’s students since it was established.  The Gruber Family Scholarship Fund is an endowment providing multiple $1,000 scholarships each year to St. Luke’s students attending a university or technical school either as incoming or continuing students.




2023 Recipient: Jonathan Orlowski

This scholarship is for an entering college freshman who will be attending a four year University of Wisconsin system campus.  The Hefty Scholarship covers the cost of the first year tuition at UW-Madison or any location within the UW system.  This is an in-state tuition scholarship only. The cost for student fees, books, and other expenses are not covered.

This scholarship was started in 1995 in memory of Willard C. Hefty who was raised in New Glarus and worked in the Science Department of the University of Wisconsin and later was active in management at Middleton Motors.  Willards’ wife, Connie, a long-time member of St. Luke’s, passed away in 2021.  The Connie and Willard C. Hefty Memorial Scholarship provides an incoming freshman one year of tuition to a University of Wisconsin system school.  The tuition provided is based on one year of tuition to UW-Madison.



2023 Recipients: Daniel Hungness, Devan Utter

This new Fund offers multiple $1,000 scholarships for tuition to entering and continuing university or trade school students.

This Fund was established in 2022 by Nancy and Don Van Aman, who are long-time and active members of St. Luke’s.  Nancy also served on the Foundation Committee for several years and has served as a St. Luke’s counting team leader for many years


2023 Recipients: Anie Nickel, Keagyn Zeitler


This scholarship is offered annually and can be applied to tuition for entering and continuing university or trade school students. At the discretion of the Foundation Committee, annual scholarships may be awarded in the amount of $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000. This year $2,000 was awarded to each of the recipients.

This Fund was established in 2019 by the Foundation Committee in honor of the 125th anniversary of St. Luke’s and the 25th anniversary of the Foundation.  The St. Luke’s 125th Anniversary Scholarship Fund provides multiple scholarships per year to entering or continuing university or trade school students thanks to very generous contributions from St. Luke’s members.


2023 Recipient: Dante Tortorici 


This $1,000 scholarship is intended to fund tuition for an entering or returning student pursuing training in a technical field, or an individual needing assistance for the completion of their undergraduate or graduate program at any accredited university, college, or technical school.

The St. Luke’s Foundation Scholarship Fund was started in 2013 by members of Martha’s Circle and has been increased over the years by a number of estate bequests as well as annual donations from Martha’s Circle and others.  This Fund provides one or two $1,000 scholarships per year with an emphasis on students or adults attending a technical or trade school (not required). 


2023 Recipient: Thomas Kleinheinz 


2023 Recipient: Lucas Francois
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Gifts to the St. Luke's Foundation should be specifically identified as going to the Foundation. Please select the Make a Gift tab for details if you would like to make a donation and/or designate a particular Fund for your donation or bequest.

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