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Stewardship is the process of deepening our relationship with God through the giving of our TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. Some have called this "new stewardship" - where we take a whole new look at how we think about our faith, our church and the Christ we profess to follow. But there's nothing really "new" about the concept of giving in response to all that God has done for us. God's work is 24/7. It encompasses the world and its needs us, as Christians, to be engaged.

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Stewardship at St. Luke's is a year-round commitment where we offer our gifts to the many ministries and programs here. We have been "blessed to be a blessing" and the focus is really on our need to give rather than the congregation's need to receive.


Consider this an invitation to take a good look at how richly God has blessed you. Take a good look at the many programs and ministries that are offered here at St. Luke's and see where God is calling you to participate in making this ministry even more effective than it already is. It's all about deepening our relationship with God and then responding. It's all about Jesus Christ and the new life he brings to all who believe.

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