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A unique mid-week worship experience.

When Oasis launched as St. Luke's mid-week Wednesday service about five years ago, the goal was to provide a space for quiet reflection in a very loud world. Then 2020 came around and perhaps offered more quiet reflection than any of us really bargained for.  While we continue to move in and out of the effects of the pandemic, it has left its mark. 

After prayer and discussion about the 2022-23 season, we thought maybe people were ready for a little less quiet reflection and a little more overt joy.  At Oasis this year, you'll notice the lights will be brighter, the music more upbeat, and a few other subtle tweaks that will lean into the reminder that God is still good and there is still joy to be found.


Other changes you may notice:  we'll be serving communion once/month, we'll be collecting prayer requests from those gathered on Wednesday evening, and we'll be asking each weekly speaker to share their reflections on the same five questions:

1) How would you describe your faith background?
2) What brings you great joy?
3) What sustains you during difficult times?
4) What are some ways your spiritual life is reflected into your personal and/or professional life?
5) What's a piece of wisdom that someone shared with you that still guides you today?


Speakers are always welcome!  Contact Deanna Heise, at or 608-338-5211.  We hope you'll consider speaking, but mostly we hope you'll weave Wednesday church night into your weekly schedule and include Oasis as part of it.  


We're saving you a seat.