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A small group with a heart for others!


Merry Mission Quilters meet once a month for a different kind of socializing. Group members laugh and share stories with one another, but do so over tables full of fabric. Some people spend time tracing and cutting out squares, while others work on piecing quilts. Someone is always in the kitchen, making sure that lunch is prepared. Those who know how to sew work the sewing machines and put the whole project together.


Many hands are needed to make a quilt with Merry Mission, and every month the group successfully assembles 5-6 quilts. The mission of the group is to share the completed quilts with people in need.


Every October there is an Ingathering of donations for Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Merry Mission Quilters donate their quilts to the Ingathering. LWR then distributes the quilts to victims of disaster and poverty around the world. In October 2022, Merry Mission Quilters donated 16 boxes of quilts!


You can help the Merry Mission Quilters by sharing your time with the group, working on quilts from home, or donating fabric or quilts. Merry Mission meets the last Monday of every month, 9am-noon. 

Lutheran World Relief offers many other ways to support their ministries. Every year on Palm Sunday, the LWR eco-palms program provides churches with palms that are friendly both to the environment and to the farmers who harvest them. LWR offers many other opportunities for advocacy and justice-oriented projects.


See or contact Elaine Brye at 608-836-0543

to learn more or to get involved.

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