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St. Luke’s offers an opportunity to receive Holy Communion during this time of Quarantine for those individuals and families who desire to receive it.  Participating in Communion this way may not be the desire of all members.  


Choice is always part of our Spiritual practice.  Many Christians are choosing to “fast” from receiving the Sacrament at this time waiting for that time in which our gathering together again with each other will be deemed healthy. Your choice in this matter will be blessed by God.

If you do choose to participate please prepare by following these simple steps:

  1. Determine a special place in your home to participate in the meal

  2. Have bread and a beverage (preferred—grape juice or wine) that can be shared by all on hand

  3. You may want to light a candle to help create a meaningful worship setting

  4. Participate in the service following the instructions given

  5. Eliminate all distractions as much as you can

  6. Following the service spend time in conversation with each other about its meaning for you and for those with you

  7. Give God thanks for His constant presence.

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