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The St. Luke’s CRISIS AID TEAM is a resource to support members of our community dealing with sudden, traumatic situations such as flood, fire or other tragedies, when the unthinkable happens.

Local Refugee Update

St. Luke’s is part of a broad network of organizations/agencies assisting local Afghan refugee families who are in limbo before the official resettlement process can begin. Thank you to our wonderful congregation for your outpouring of donated items and funds. We are thrilled to announce we have sufficient funds and donated items to help our current Afghan refugee families and provide support for potential new families.


Crisis Aid Fund (Please click "show all" and select the "Crisis Aid Fund" at the bottom.)

The Crisis Aid Fund is used to fill the gaps in the community support network. Donations before 10/31/21 will be used to directly support the local Afghan refugee families; donations after 11/1/21 will be directed towards the general Crisis Aid Fund for the next time there is a need in the community. We are amazed and so very grateful for your generosity...thank you!


Crisis Aid Team

The Crisis Aid team welcomes new members. We are working to set up an infrastructure to be ready to support our community efficiently during times of crisis. We meet as needed on Tuesday nights at 8pm via Zoom. Please contact Pastor Carrie for more information.

Crisis Aid News

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Other ways to help refugees in our state:

  • DONATE FABRIC & NOTIONS for Fort McCoy sewing center. Fabric in all lengths, colors and weights, including remnants, are welcome. Pieces that are at least 3 yards are the most useful. Notions of all kinds such as thread, needles, scissors, elastic, buttons, tape measures, etc. ALL contributions should be dropped off on the porch of 611 South Prospect, Madison, any time of any day until 5:00pm November 5.  This is not organized through St. Luke's.

  • Lutheran Social Services

  • Please keep all refugees in your prayers.  

Crisis Aid, in partnership with other agencies/organizations, will assist church or community members when the unthinkable happens.

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For more information contact: 
Rhonda Stauske
or the church office at 
(608) 831-6084