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Daily Inspiration - April 13, 2021 | The Body of Christ

When you stop and think about the lives of the disciples in Bible times, it’s obvious that there are many differences – but I oftentimes marvel at how, for all the differences, humanity really hasn’t changed much at all.

When Paul wrote his letter to the church in Corinth, he was writing to people trying to establish the early church in Greece. Despite being an ancient city, Corinth sounds like a microcosm of modern day: a diverse group of people (Jews, Gentiles, Pagans), staunch political factions, disagreements on whose authority matters in the new church, and unequal wealth and freedom amongst the people.

With all of these disagreements in the early church, Paul chose not to focus on one group being right over another, but instead, our collective one-ness in Christ. By emphasizing that each of us is an important part of the body of Christ, Paul was able to remind the church in Corinth that though they each had many differences, they should be working together for the good of the church.

I wonder what today’s world would look like if we focused a little more on working together, and a little less on all the divisions that divide us.

Beth Marshall

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