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Daily Inspiration - August 17: Your Grace is Enough

During senior year I was asked to write a faith essay at Luther Seminary on what is most important about my faith. I chose “grace.” For me grace has always been what my faith is all about because I feel blessed in so many ways. It is in part because of my humble upbringing on a grain farm in Illinois. My family of origin were never wanting for anything, but I always felt our lives were not as great as others who had it all. When I went to St. Olaf College, married my wife, Pam, before seminary, and then were blessed with the first couple of years of independent living, I felt nothing but gratitude for everything I had. But more than anything it was feeling gratitude for the undeserved love and favor God had blessed me with in my relationship with Him. I knew that without God’s grace I would not be anyone or anything.

During the last several years my daughter, Christy, introduced me to the music of Matt Maher. We went to one of his concerts with her and her family in the Wausau area a couple of years ago. His songs, “Lord, I Need You” and “Love Can Hold Us Together” helped to support Christy as she went through a significant health challenge. My favorite of his songs, “Your Grace is Enough” continues to support our family through the Covid-19 crisis. May we all lean on God’s grace in these challenging times.

Pastor Roger

Your Grace is Enough - Matt Maher


Great is your faithfulness oh God of Jacob

You wrestle with the sinner's restless heart

You lead us by still waters into mercy

When nothing can keep us apart

So, remember your people

Remember your children

Remember your promise, oh God

For Your grace is enough

Yeah Your grace is enough

Yeah Your grace is enough

Yeah Your grace is enough for me

Great is your love and justice God of Jacob

You use the weak to lead the strong

You lead us in the song of heaven's victory

And all your people sing along

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