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Daily Inspiration - August 4: Love

I love music. No matter what I am going through, whether things are feeling like they are all in the right place and life is going really well, or when things seem to be falling apart, there is always a song or a melody that hits me. Music just connects me to God, myself, and the world around me in a different way than anything else can.

Below, I have included part of the lyrics and the link to listen to a song called “Love” by We Are Messengers. The song itself is very upbeat, and the words are very honest and raw. The two of these things combined really hit me, the honesty of the words, acknowledging how I have felt and even feel at times. I know this is also true for many people that I have been talking to. It’s hard not to feel lonely and confused at times in general, but especially right now.

Then there is the beat of the song, which is really uplifting and moves at a faster pace. This is where this song really impacts me. The beat does not take away from the realness of the words, but even in the realness, there is a continued beat of hope. The hope is Jesus, and Jesus’ love. The youth hear me say this all the time. “Life is real, we are not going to shy away from that, but the love of Jesus and the grace and hope we have through him is just as real, and we are not going to shy away from that.” You are loved, you are held by God’s arms of grace and hope. Share this love with the world around you.

May we be honest in how we feel and where we are at, and may we also dance to the beat of hope. Amen

Jay Kiel

“Love” We Are Messengers

Everybody hurts sometimes I know that's what they say But right now it seems this loneliness won't go away Can anybody feel this heartache? Is anyone around? Feels like we're running 'round in circles We can't catch a breath We can't always enjoy the moment When we always want what's next Just when I can't take no more It's when I hear You say (Chorus)

Don't hang your head when you get lonely No, I'll never leave your side And don't go thinking you're the only One that can't get it right Yeah, you got my love Love, love, love Down in your soul Yeah, you got my love Love, love And I won't let you go I know there's nowhere I can run There's nowhere I can hide From the one who gave His life So I could get back mine (Yeah) So when you can't take no more Look up and hear Him say,

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