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Daily Inspiration - February 3, 2021: Where do you see God?

Where do i see god? Seeing God has been a challenge for me these last couple of months. With the pandemic creating so much social and environmental isolation, it has been exhausting to exist in a world that feels like it’s falling apart. However, the last week has shown me that even when God seems absent, he is in the works with something incredible.

After recently getting a job at an animal rescue, I’ve seen God radiate into my life. For the first time in a long time, I am waking up before sunrise exhilarated to start my day, and am rewarded with love from animals who may not have seen any themselves. We so often look for God in the obvious places, and try to see him in big ways that may not be realistic. As the last 10 months have shown, sometimes it’s important to recognize the greatness of what’s in front of you, and focus on that. I’ve come home smelling like dirty dog, but I haven’t felt God in this way in as long as I can remember. Sometimes God’s love and grace comes from nonhuman sources, and is harder to see unless you really look. Take a few minutes today to find God in the smaller places, and I hope it pays off in dividends for you.

Always in God’s love, Anaiah.

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