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Daily Inspiration - February 5, 2021: "Where do you see God?"

Where do you see God? This is a question that I am usually asking others. This is a discussion that I would normally lead in confirmation class or on a retreat or mission trip. And honestly, I see God in that, I see God in being able to be a part of conversations about all the unique ways that people see God. It is inspiring and helps me look more deeply at where I see God.

For me, I see God in nature. I am currently sitting in front of window looking out in to my backyard. The trees are so beautiful, they are covered in snow and offer a sense of peace, even in the middle of a snowstorm.

Moments like this remind me that even in the middle of life’s storms, God’s love, grace and beauty is always present. It may not always be the big “in your face” ways, it might be through catching a glimpse of a tree as the sun hits it just right, it might be the first spring day that is warm enough to go outside without a jacket. I see and feel God’s presence in these moments.

God is with us, God is near, sometimes I think we (or at least I) just need to be reminded to look and notice all the ways that God is present.

God, help me see you in the ordinary of everyday life. Amen.

Jay Kiel

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