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Daily Inspiration - January 11: Epiphany - Intuitive Grasp

How do you understand the Epiphany? Do you know what happened then and what meaning can be attached to the word “epiphany” now? I suspect you have had many “epiphanies” without necessarily calling them by that name. Take today’s suggested meaning for example—intuitive grasp. Have you not grasped something or known something without any direst evidence or reasoning process? I have and I think you have also.

The Wise Men of Matthew 2:1-12, which tells the story of the biblical Epiphany, “observed a star at its rising” and without knowing exactly what it meant, knew it meant something, and probably something important. And as the story unfolds they were right, for this star led them—foreigners and Gentiles—to find the Baby Jesus.

Without all of the answers and certainly without full understanding they set out on their “epiphany journey” and found something great. It is like you or I going for a ride or taking a hike in an unknown area. We may not know what will surprise or please us but we just know “intuitively” beginning the journey will lead us to something good. And most often we aren't disappointed.

That is a part of what Epiphany is all about. Like the Wise Men we can put ourselves into positions that we intuitively know will be good. This can be calling a friend, picking up a “good read,” sending a card or letter, setting aside quiet time for prayer, giving space to people we love, smiling at a stranger, and a host of other things. We don’t know how any of these things will work out—we just know that they will!

The Wise Men went on a journey—put themselves on a path where they sensed something good would happen—and it did! They found the Baby Jesus!

We can do the same today. The “baby Jesus” we find may be our letting another person know they are loved, or forgiving ourselves for something we have failed to do or messed up in our effort to do it. In this we find the love that God has for us and wants to pass on to other through us. These are “intuitive” findings waiting for us as we come to the “manger” where Jesus lies today.

Prayer: Lord open my heart to follow your lead. Amen

Pastor Jerry

Tomorrow: Epiphany—Illuminating Discovery

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