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Daily Inspiration - January 13: Epiphany - Sudden Realization

Remember the feeling when after looking for something special to you, you suddenly remember where it is, or you come across it unexpectedly? I have this encounter often with my favorite pocketknife and sometimes my glasses. Finding something lost creates one type of energetic joy, discovering something extremely valuable but new is yet another experience. This is what the Magi received when they finally came to the manger that first Christmas. “When they saw the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy.” Imagine having travelled who knows how many miles, and finally arriving at the planned for destination. It had to be overpowering.

Many of us have come to our discovery of Jesus in less dramatic ways. Over the years, belief in God’s promise to the world has slowly become a part of who we are and has found its way into everything we say or do. Not perfectly to be sure, bur seemingly always there. This reality can diminish our experiencing “overwhelming joy” each time we encounter Jesus either as a baby in a manger or as a Savior on a cross.

Our reaction to God’s gift to us, or lack of reaction, can never and will never dimmish the power and extensiveness of the gift we have received. God loves his creation, you and me, so much his heart beats with joy each time we “find” his gift and rejoice at the discovery. Like the flush of joy we can have when a gift of ours is opened and excitedly received by a child who shrieks with joy and excitement, God countenance had to sparkle when the Magi’s encounter with his “Jesus” gift “overwhelmed them with joy”.

Whenever life gets a bit too heavy, the load a bit too weighty, or the path a bit to foggy, go on an Epiphany Magi trip. Follow the many signs of God in your life and you too will come to health and healing at the manger where the baby lies. Feel the joy of his presence in your life and live in the confidence that you are loved by him. Savor the deep appreciation of his abiding presence, and yes, it would be perfectly all right if you were “overcome with joy” at this discovery!

Prayer: Lord reveal yourself to me today and every day. Amen

Pastor Jerry

Tomorrow: Unexpected Meaning

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