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Daily Inspiration: January 25

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Years ago, on a sunny spring morning my then three-year-old daughter Allison and I decided to go to the park, We were very excited about going to use the slide and the swings. And we started with a brisk walk. But, soon Allie started to slow down. She would stop and admire a flower in a garden on the way, bending over to smell the sweet smell of the flowers. I would try to coax her along so we could get to the park. But, she would keep stopping, pointing out the street cleaner that drove by, or a bird flying over our heads, and more than once she would stop and say, "Look at those beautiful clouds, Daddy!" I was becoming frustrated by all these delays. I wanted to get to the park so we could have some fun. Finally, she stopped at an anthill rising out of a crack in the sidewalk. She bent down low and intently looked at the scurrying ants. It was then that I realized that I was like those ants. Hurrying to get to work, to get home, to get to a meeting, even to get to the park to play. I hardly left times for encountering God and God’s creation.

In Genesis 1 we read, "God saw all that God had made, and it was very good." While standing over that anthill, I realized that my daughter was taking God's word to heart, while I was focused on some future task. God declares that all creation is good. Take a moment to stop and look at the world through the eyes of a three-year-old. Allow yourself to smell the sweet scent of a flower. Watch a bird in flight. Look up at those beautiful clouds. Be amazed as a piece of machinery drives by. God's creation is a beautiful thing. In this beautiful creation, we encounter God through what God has made. Take time to encounter God through the beauty of creation. Take time just to be present with God.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Tim

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