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Daily Inspiration - March 17, 2021 | Physical Healing

Building strength and muscle is pretty simple when you break it down to its core elements. You stress muscles through exercise, fuel the body with good food, and rest. When you stress your muscles for growth you are literally tearing muscle. What’s amazing about our bodies, is they adapt to this stress and we become stronger in the brokenness. That said, this growth is only possible when we take care of ourselves and allow for rest and healing.

I love exercise and eating, but when it comes to rest… I have to admit I’m not great at it. More often than not I find myself reaching for a cup of coffee (full transparency, it’s 3-4 cups) to push through a busy day. While the caffeine may help me get through the day, there is no healing in coffee…at least not physically.

The need for rest goes beyond exercise at a gym. Sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time is a stress on your body, and we need rest to heal from that. As Pastor Tim reminds me regularly, “Take your sabbath.”

So my question to you is, what brings you rest?


Doug Cassel

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