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Daily Inspiration - May 14, 2021 | Living in the Easter Glow

We are still in the Easter season. Even though the “world” may be thinking Easter is a long way past for we as Christians, Easter never stops being with us. The “tomb opening” is our “door opening” in so many different ways.

· Easter opens us up to able to love ourselves. Jesus’ death on the cross followed with the resurrection is what can happen to us. No, I don’t mean being crucified on a cross but I do mean letting go of such things and habits that are harmful to us and opening up ourselves to a life with their dominance. Reflect for a moment on what you could leave behind and become a freer and healthier person.

· Easter opens us up to be able to love others. Jesus did not need to die for his own need but for ours. In doing so he give us both the model and the power to live for others. I have yet to meet a person who when truly living for others has not also said that his or her own life has been filled with joy. When we learn to love ourselves cleanly enough it frees us to love others. Reflect for a moment to whom you could reach out and offer a bit or your time, part of who you are.

· Easter opens us up to be able to love the world around us. As Spring continues to open itself to us we can feel ourselves being filled once again. No, not everything is perfect, and yes, we still feel the pains of significant losses. Easter/spring reminds us hope is not gone. Hope renews our spirits just as spring renews the dormant seeds in the ground and the leaves on the trees. Reflect for a moment on how your responding to nature could in turn allow nature to respond to you.

Today, into whatever world you find around yourself, look for Easter, look for spring like signs. Forgiving ourselves and then giving ourselves to others, and to the creation in which we live allows us to open like a flower wherever we have been planted.

Prayer: Lord take me and use me today and every day. Amen

Pr. Jerry

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