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Daily Inspiration - May 25, 2021 | “I am not enough”

For so long, I believed the lie that I could never be enough. I believed that if I wanted to be a good enough Christian I had to achieve the unachievable. I believed the lie that who I was, wasn't enough. I believed my dreams and passions were not good enough. I believed the lie that I was enough when I kept quiet and didn't speak. The lies went on and on. These lies left me feeling unlovable, depressed, a failure, and more. I soon didn't even know who I was and it took me years and years to start finding myself again and seeing myself in a different way. I have a tattoo on my wrist that is a daily reminder to myself. It's written in my husband's handwriting and says "enough..." with each dot representing something important. I am enough. Jesus is enough. I've had enough. My tattoo reminds me that who I am is enough. There are no if’s or when's to be enough for this world. I'll mess up, but my failures do not change that. God created us each remarkably unique and sees us and love us for who we are. Growing up, I don't remember digging into much of who Jesus was. I understood God as an angry God. Our focus was on all the rules. Now, I believe that God sent Jesus to show us how to live. Life isn't about all the rules and making sure we do not make God angry in order to receive love. I believe Jesus taught us that life is about showing others love. Jesus came to love everyone and to a show love to the unloved, no matter what. That is my goal. Finally, "I've had enough." It is a reminder to myself that I've had enough and can no longer stay quiet. I have had enough of the lies that what I'm thinking or feel is not important. God created us to be exactly who we are. God never said we were not good enough. God doesn't dwell on our failures and won't leave us or stop loving us. He calls us to love, not just others, but ourselves also. What if, instead of seeing where we are not enough, we start seeing ourselves differently. Instead of focusing on our failures or what others thinks, we start reminding ourselves how God sees us. I am enough. Don't believe the lie you are not enough, because Child of God, you are more than enough and loved for exactly who you are.

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