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Daily Inspiration - September 29

“Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid.

They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made.” from Micah 4:4, and Hamilton the musical

We could not anticipate how much impact the Covid pandemic would have on most every facet of our lives. Let’s face it; we are all currently living through a time of unprecedented challenge, change and even fear. Not surprisingly, many are struggling in one way or the other, whether at work, home, or not uncommonly at both. Compounded by inconsistent messages about managing the pandemic - quarantine, masks, social distancing, vaccinations, contact precautions, and testing, it is simply hard to know how to safely navigate these uncharted times.

At home, we focus on protecting our families, work to keep in touch with friends and neighbors, while maintaining the highest possible degree of protection through relative isolation. The comforts and activities we have taken for granted prior to Covid, now seem like distant memories. The difficult realities of virtual home schooling, remote family members, older parents with health struggles, and deferred family celebrations weigh on our conscience. Not simply being together is hard to bear, whether at home, work or worship.

Front line emergency responders, health care workers, essential employees, clergy, and others face an additional element of exposure and risk. There is the daily challenge of hands on care for people of all ages and backgrounds, while witnessing the litany of positive case numbers, testing results and the sobering head counts of those that have not been so fortunate.

With the current remoteness of work and home, it is not far-fetched that one might also begin to question their faith. The reality is that our faith is exactly what we need to guide us through these difficult times. My father, in his favorite verse, provided some of the direction I have relied on over the challenging past six months. His “go to” scripture was Psalm 46:10 - “Be still, and know that I am God”. God has given us work to do in our day-to-day occupational, home and spiritual lives. There is a plan, even now. By being still, that plan and direction will be more easily apparent to us, particularly during this difficult time. Be still, and be safe.

Michael Bentz

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