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Day 5 - Self Care | 10 for 10 | Daily Inspiration - October 6

Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is to take some deep breaths and realize that our next breath in is a gift from God. We get so caught up into what we are doing, what we are thinking, what others think about us, and what even what we should do for others, that we forget to take care of the self God gave us.

I have seen it so many times in ministry. People who are unhealthy and at risk themselves caring for their loved ones, and forgetting that they also need to take care of themselves. I have witnessed it in my own family. Everyone rallying around the person who is suffering from breaking under the stresses of life and forgetting to care for their own self, and then being found to be vulnerable to those same stresses.

I have experienced the lack of self-care myself. For a number of years I thought I was so indispensable that I had to work part of every day of the week! During the first Syttende Mai Run I ran the last three miles with foggy thoughts, hellbent on completing the race. If I had only paused to drink water at every stop I would have been fine.

How can we take better care of ourselves? First, valuing ourselves as a child of God. We are not “junk,” but we are valuable to ourselves, our family, and God. We are a singular creation of God, and we ought to care for ourselves each day. Second, realizing that we have fixed energy, time, and space. We are not invulnerable to the stresses and strains of life. None of us are indispensable. Third, taking time to drink in those things in life that give us vitality and joy. Fourth, accepting that some times are more difficult than others. Living in Covid-19 times we do not have the same access to relationships, church, school, workplace—to name a few normal locations—as we did before. Consequently, we need to do other activities which sustain us… music, poetry, books, family, pets, exercise, etc. Those other life-giving pursuits will come back to us in full. Drink in these gifts of the Spirit now, and return to balanced life once again in the near future.

God offers us one life to live in this world, and if we take care of what God gives us along the way it will be one that gives glory to God and serves others. It only can be so if we live in balance with our self, paying attention to the gift which is you. Drink that water of life along life’s journey, and you will reach your goal of finishing the race in faith!

Roger Black

10 for 10 Daily Inspiration | Day 5: Self Care

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