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Sunday School resumes in September.  Stay tuned for more information!

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May 16: "Zacchaeus"

Discussion Questions:

  • Think of someone in your life who you don’t like very much.  How would Jesus treat this person?

  • How did Zacchaeus work to fix all the bad things he had done?

  • What does Jesus want us to do when we make mistakes?

  • In the video, how is Tot like Zacchaeus?

May 2: "Jesus the Vine"

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean when we say that Jesus is the vine and we are branches?

  • If we are all connected to each other through Jesus, how should we treat each other?

  • Which kids in the video were the best example of how we should treat others?

  • How do you think Victor felt when Jax brought him a present after all the other kids ignored Victor?

April 25: "The Good Shepherd"

Discussion Questions:

  • How is Jesus like a shepherd?

  • Who are some people in your “flock”?

  • How can your flock take care of each other and follow Jesus?

  • How do we know Jesus cares for us?