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Daily Inspiration - April 1, 2021 | Holy Week

All during this week the disciples had heard Jesus say many things, had directly observed the anger of the leaders of the synagogue, and heard the approval and amazement of the crowds. Each day the tension was being ratcheted up a bit more. It was now Thursday, and they might have said to themselves, “let’s pull away for a bit and regroup, let’s find a quiet place where we can celebrate the Passover meal, and perhaps get a better grip on things.” Much like a time out we might take to better get a hold of what is happening around us.

Well, it did not get any better. The meal was good but during it, Jeus again said that bad things were coming. Someone was going to betray him and that someone was going to come from their very group!! Unbelievable!

While that part of the evening was tense, the meal itself felt good. Jesus washed their feet and then shared the powerful words that the bread they were eating and the wine they were drinking was like directly connecting with Jeus himself. They did not fully understand how powerful this would be until they shared this meal of remembrance later in their lives.

But when the meal ended, they went to the Garden and the rest of evening unfolded before them. The betrayal by Judas, Jesus’ arrest and trial, the moving back and forth between places of judgment, and finally the realization that there was going to be a crucifixion.

The disciples walked with Jesus during this time. Can we? Do we?

Prayer: Jesus teach me how to walk with you especially when hope seems to be dimming. Amen.

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