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Daily Inspiration - April 12, 2021 | Be The Church

Throughout the season of Lent, our Sunday School children were learning some of the foundational truths of our faith to help them understand what exactly it means to follow Christ. Throughout Holy Week we repeatedly acknowledged that the disciples hadn’t quite caught on to what Jesus was truly teaching them and that our story was always “To be continued”. Now, Easter has come and gone. We were able to celebrate together as a church – but – the story is still not done yet. What exactly does it mean to live in a world with a resurrected Christ? What is it that Jesus was really telling us? How do write our portion of the story?

Join me this week for a look at how to “be the church”. Some might call that title ironic, given that Jesus spent much of his ministry speaking against the hypocrisy exhibited by the religious leaders of his day. So, we won't look at what it means to “be the church” as organized religion can often be perceived, but rather, what does it mean to be the church that Jesus calls us to be? How do we, as a body of people who believe in the hope and love of a resurrected Christ, live out our lives as we are called to do?

We’ll start off tomorrow with what the Apostle Paul has to say about the body of Christ in Corinthians.

Beth Marshall

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