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Daily Inspiration - April 26, 2021 | On Eagle’s Wings

Music is one way that I connect with God both in worship and in my everyday life. Our worship music at St. Luke’s does an exceptional job of touching our hearts. I truly feel the Spirit working in me as I listen to them raise up praise to God. The same is true when I am out and about. If you see me driving in my car, you will see me singing along with the radio. Music can touch our spirit in an amazing way.

One memory I have of this happened years ago. My sister Kathy who lived on the east coast used to come to Boone, Iowa every summer to visit my parents and her in-laws. She would stay for a month or two with her children, Theresa and Mikey. One year, while they were visiting, when Mikey was about three years old, he started not feeling well so they took him to my parent’s doctor in Boone. After examining him, the doctor sent Mikey to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines. There they diagnosed Mikey with leukemia. For the next six years, we journeyed with my Mikey on an emotional rollercoaster. Just when it looked like Mikey’s remission would go a full year (which was the goal), the cancer would comeback.

In 1995 Mikey finally lost his battle. His funeral was in Boone at the church where my parents and Kathy’s in-laws worshiped. Now, Mikey loved being part of the Cub Scouts so he was dressed in his scout uniform. The Boys Scout troop that Mikey was associated with in Massachusetts made him and honorary Eagle Scout. So, during the service my brother, Mike, Mikey’s namesake and an Eagle Scout himself, walked up to the casket and pinned the Eagle Scout pin on Mikey’s uniform. As Mike was doing, this we sang On Eagle’s Wings.

Every time I hear this hymn, my heart goes back to that day and the comfort God gave us through that song as my brother honored our little nephew. It reminds me that no matter what, God’s love surrounds us. Even in our most difficult times.

Pastor Tim

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