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Daily Inspiration - June 24, 2021

In playing Hide and Seek, the one who is “it” has to close their eyes, count to an agreed upon number before they could open their eyes and start looking for others. For a brief time, they were isolated from the others and then, when the counting is done they are released again to join them.

In a way this can be a picture of what happens to any experiencing the miraculous power of Jesus in their lives, or the reality after an isolating accident or illness. Bound for a while and then freed.

In Mark 5:21-43 there are the two stories, one of the woman with a hemorrhage and the other of the young daughter of the ruler Jairus who had died, which give us our Gospel lesson for this Sunday. The power of these stories is Jesus’ ability to free both of them and you and me from whatever is holding us captive and freeing us to move forward with our lives. This freedom comes to us and to all those around us, especially our families and friends.

In these two stories sandwiched together, life is restored and a future freed to unfold. The key to both? Faith in Jesus and confidence in God—the ruler invited Jesus to come to see his daughter and the woman touched the hem of Jesus garment as he was on his way to the ruler’s house. They invited Jesus into what was happening in their lives.

When we invite God into our lives and let him work the plan he has for us, he never fails in his promise to deliver the freedom he wants us to have. It comes through the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of life everlasting. May we daily invite God into our lives thereby enjoying the freedom he intends for us.

Peace, Pastor Jerry

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