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Daily Inspiration - March 25, 2021 | Social Healing

Cont’d from yesterday… finale

Why? Why would an African American woman thank me? Would I not be perceived as a member of the problem caste, deserving distain? Instead, she demonstrates love of a type unfathomable. Hands over her heart, Godly love in her eyes, thanking me for just being me. Then my unashamed tears flowed... to experience such undeserved love and kindness... when witnessing what people who looked like me did to people who looked like her… it was way too much to grasp. God’s love on full display that day, offering unsolicited forgiveness, leaving an indelible mark on my heart and life, transformed forever!

To say I was shaken by the gesture would be an understatement. In hindsight, I truly wish I had gone to thank her and ask for the forgiveness that might merit her kindness and love but I did not believe it to be her wish. Regardless, in a genuine way my heart desired to make restitution, not only for the sins of my ancestors but for all the sin blind privilege had enabled me to commit. For that moment in time, this amazing messenger from God had in a very real way absolved me from my sins of commission and omission; freeing me to serve justice, equity and love for all, regardless of color, station, religion or condition of gender. All God’s children deserve to be blessed with the love I experienced that day in Atlanta.

Upon further reflection, I was gifted a real-life metaphor that graphically demonstrated the reconciliation I have experienced with God, through Christ’s love. Being estranged from God and through no works of my own, I was granted full connection with God through Christ’s suffering, dying and new life. How can I possibly respond satisfactorily to such, unrequited love? By doing Christ’s “ask” in, 2 Corinthians 5:18 “All of this from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ who gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” If the God of infinity has provided a way for me to reconcile with Him… what greater motivation is necessary for me to reconcile with all God’s children on earth?

Please pray this prayer with me:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

where there is sadness, joy.


Paul Harshner

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