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Daily Inspiration - March 30, 2021 | Holy Week

Going through Holy Week with the disciples gives the clear picture that Jusus’ mind was on his mission and that he was determined to accomplish that which was put before him. (Read Mark chapters 11-16) The consummate teacher, Jesus continued in his final week here on earth telling of the mysteries of God and clearly indicate where people—most often the scribes and Pharisees—were misunderstanding him.

I picture the disciples dazzled at what he was saying and frankly not understanding everything that he shared. Jesus spoke of the withered fig tree and told the parable of the wicked tenants. During all this, the disciples had to be looking at one another and asking, “Is he talking about us or is he talking about other people?” The disciples’ minds had to be in turmoil as they heard him speak with a determination and intensity that surprised them. I can only imagine the conversation between the disciples themselves as they took in Jesus’ direct challenge of the leaders of the synagogue and even heard those same leaders wanting to kill him then and there but did not attempt to do so because they feared the crowds which were hanging on Jesus’ every word. The disciples’ heads must have been on a swivel, turning every which way all the time, as they went through Monday and Tuesday of that first Holy Week.

What about us? Are we moved to hearing Jesus’ warnings contained in God’s words today? I encourage you to read these few chapters of Mark while picturing yourself walking with those first disciples. Picture yourself walking with Peter, James, John and the others, shoulder to shoulder listening to Jesus talk. What do you hear? What stories catch you?

Prayer: Lord, let me hear you anew each day. Amen.

Pastor Jerry

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