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Daily Inspiration - May 13, 2021 | A Friend of Mine

Wrapping up my contribution to this week’s devotions, I would like to tell you about a friend of mine but need to warn you, this person is a bit controversial and on the extreme end of most spectrums... that notwithstanding, I respect this person implicitly!

I guess… I have always admired individuals who can take risks on behalf of others while not being overly concerned for the implications on their own lives. There may be individuals of this description you know as well, however, allow me to tell you about one who remains very distinct to me.

The adjectives best describing this individual would be selfless, caring, fair and alert to the needs of others. What has always impressed me about this individual is the ability to never be outwardly driven by self-interest or self-aggrandizement... never have I witnessed “what’s in it for me.” In the world we live those qualities are rare and are truly deserving of genuine admiration. May I share just a few anecdotal observations made through the years.

I have never witnessed a moment when the social status of an individual made an iota difference in the treatment or respect this individual shows another. This person is always on the lookout for the needs of others even when expending time and emotional energy to an extreme. When confronted with cultural partiality, I’ve never once witnessed an ounce of conformity or “group think.” Discerning differences in appearance, gender, age or any other identifier provokes no change in the compassion, kindness and respect this person expresses toward another... and yes, I’m afraid to add for fear you will think I’ve lost reality, this person is a worker of miracles too.

Okay, by now you’ve likely guessed my friend’s name… yes, it’s Jesus; who’s life compels me and maybe all of you, to reassess thoughts, beliefs, actions and choices on a moment-by-moment basis. Life’s complexities drive me to the only perfect role-model I know... especially when overwhelmed with fear and threatened by our rapidly changing world. The beautiful reality is… universal principles for action never change. … See that JUSTICE is done, let MERCY (ie. compassion, forgiveness, grace) be your first concern and HUMBLY OBEY your God.” Micah 6:8 CEV... the postlude to Love thy neighbor!”

God’s wisdom and love,

Paul H

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