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Daily Inspiration - May 19, 2021 | Dancing in the Aisle

During one of the first times my wife and I visited St. Luke’s while we were new to the area and church shopping one of my daughters, feeling moved by the music, slid out into the aisle and started dancing. A spontaneous dancing daughter was not new for Jenn and I but we were both suddenly nervous about this happening in a new church. Unsure of how people would respond I quickly and quietly slid out of my seat ready to pull her back in but an amazing event stopped me. As I was reaching for her the senior Pastor, Roger Eingenfeld, reached her first. Standing there in his robe and a huge smile he took each of her hands in his and started dancing with her. It was at that moment we decided St. Luke’s would be our church.

The flame of the Holy Spirit swept into the disciple’s room on Pentecost long ago. It spurred them on to act in a way that probably made a lot of people nervous. Singing, dancing, speaking in tongues. But before those of certain attitudes were able to get to them and shut them down God reached them first and taking their hands in his they danced together to the Spirit of worship. That same Spirit then that reached out and touched those many thousands who were watching that day. That same spirit that has reached out centuries beyond to touch us.

When the spirit moves what can we do but worship, celebrate, and dance.

Lord, thank you for your Spirit of faith, hope and life that you give each of us. May we never stop dancing.

Jeff Rohlwing

Director of Music, Worship, and Technology

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