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Daily Inspiration - October 19: Light Chases out Darkness

Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is Hatred let me sow Love; where there is Injury, Pardon; where there is Doubt, Faith; where there is Despair, Hope; where there is Darkness, Light. St. Francis

Several years ago, my wife, a friend, and I were biking on the Sparta-Elroy bike trail in Wisconsin, apparently one of the first rail to trail bike paths in the United States. A unique feature of this trail are the three railroad tunnels along the way. The ads for this trail say, “make sure you have your flashlights so you make it safely through the tunnels.” Good advice for one of the tunnels is 3,800 feet long!

At first the growing darkness of the tunnel is intriguing and fun; the light from the entrance behind giving enough light to walk comfortably. Going deeper however, daylight fades into total darkness and the not so occasional drops of water from the ceiling and the puddles formed by the natural springs of the area on the ground begin to create concern. The wavering lights from the oncoming riders gives some sense of hope but lasting comfort comes only when the light at the end of the tunnel comes solidly into view.

Light chases out darkness. Like knowledge of sure footing when going up or down a mountain, light gives stability when facing things unknown. Conversations in the middle of conflicts, diagnosis and therapy addressing illness, and employment meeting personal and family needs are “lights overcoming darkness.”

John 1:5 says concerning Christ “the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.” Eugene Peterson’s translation of this passage in The Message says, “the Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.”

When we encounter dark times--dark tunnels--in our lives and the small light we are holding is not sufficient to encourage safety, we bask in the light of Christ. He provides what we need in the middle of our tunnel life, and it is his light at the end of the tunnel that welcomes us to a life with him forever. Indeed, light chases out darkness.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for being the light in my tunnel of life. Amen.

Pastor Jerry

Tomorrow: Consoling Others

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