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Daily Inspiration - October 30

One of the consistent joys of youth ministry for me over the years, is sitting with youth as we dig into deep and uncomfortable conversations. I am always amazed at how much the youth are willing to listen to one another and share their lived experience and grow together.

One the consistent annoyances of my time in youth ministry is the number of times I am told by adults about "the kids these days". A lot of time it is said as compliment, that they are thankful someone is there to handle or change them.

What the past 11 years has taught me, is that listening, learning and conversations cannot happen if it is not rooted in love, a love that is promised at our Baptism and affirmed at our Confirmation, that we will “strive for justice and peace in all the earth.”

Things are heavy right now, people are divided. People are dying, people are being shot, buildings are on fire. People are stressed, businesses are trying to hang on and people are losing jobs. And it is all happening at the same time. This is a lot, A LOT.

So, I am urging us all to learn a bit from I get experience with the youth I work with and what was just reaffirmed last week at the Confirmation service. Let’s come together in the love of Christ to listen to one another. May we listen to learn, not always to reply, willing to stick through it even when it's uncomfortable.

We often relate service and justice to the big trip and the big food packing or donating events, and each of these are good and real and I am happy we serve in these ways. But, we are called to justice, and loving service through the way we live our everyday life. And we loved by a God of grace as we journey.

Hate is loud. Love is LOUDER.

Jay Kiel

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