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Daily Inspiration - September 3

When I was 11 years old, God sent a special 5-year-old girl into our family’s life. Her parents had been in a serious car accident. The family was new to the community and had no relatives that were close. Liz would spend the next 2 months in our home and her 3 siblings would spend that time in the homes of 3 other families of our congregation. My sister and I loved having another “sister” and we grew very close to Liz over those 2 months. On Christmas Eve day, her parents were released from the hospital, picked her up and refused to let us see her again. Theirs was a very dysfunctional family and she had grown so close to us that she didn’t want to leave. It was heartbreaking, but we all went on with our lives. Thirty years later, my parents received a call from Liz and reconnected. We never realized how much those two months with us meant to her. To this day, our family has contact with Liz and her husband. She was at my mother’s side the day before mom died and we feel blessed to consider her a member of our family. God truly does work in our lives – we have so much to be thankful for.

Ruth Fruehling

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