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Community Connections #5 | Way Forward Resources

Thank you for holding a school supply drive in support of WayForward's Back to School program. This year 629 students participated in the program, the highest number of students in our history. The donations you collected made it possible for kids in our community to return to the classroom ready to learn.

Your support helps families and individuals in our community stretch their monthly budgets and remain in stable housing. With your help, WayForward Resources (formerly Middleton Outreach Ministry) served more than 6,500 people last year - the most in our 40-year history. Nearly 40 percent of those we serve are children.

Even though we have a new name and logo, our mission, vision and values remain the same. We're grateful you put your trust in us to meet the moment we're in and to meet the needs

of the people who live and work in our community. WayForward will continue working to address current issues such as inflation, and long-term structural challenges such as lack of affordable housing, racial inequity, generational poverty and food security. We couldn't do it without your compassion and your commitment.

With heartfelt gratitude,

WayForward Resources

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